Applied Physics, RF & Embedded Engineering, High Temperature Designs

ingeniqa - design and develop industrial, scientific and medical equipment, and provide core bespoke solutions in these industries.  Our three main areas of expertise are NMR, Wireless RF and sub-surface wireless and embedded software systems.

Developing high level systems using embedded math capability including ARM Cortex-A15, Cortex-A9, ARM Cortex-A8, ARM9, dsPIC,  Xilinx FPGA and a wide range of other smaller MCU's for less demanding functions IC, DSP cores and embedded wireless RF systems to custom single board computer systems.  Software development in C++, VB, Visual C, RTOS, Assembler.......

Our developments include:-
  • Real Time Wireless Data Systems (RTWDS) for all industries
  • Low Field MRI systems for medical, geophysical & agricultural
  • Wireless data solutions for sub-surface sensors & communications 
  • Below Noise Floor RF Data Systems sub-surface through earth communications
  • Data Over Wire (DOW) data over infrastructure cables and other structures
  • Agricultural sensors for intensive growing solutions & soil monitoring
  • Water table monitoring systems & sub-surface pollution monitoring sensors

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