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ingeniqa ism - Electronic Design 

ingeniqa is an electronic design and development company providing solutions to all areas of industry which includes industrial, scientific, medical, and agricultural (Earth Sciences) sectors.  We design and develop mixed-signal electronic designs, and embedded board real time operating systems (RTOS) and dedicated process controls non real time. 

RF design is a specialist design area of which we have many years of experience, from simple designs to complicated OFDM and SDR based terrestrial communications to sub-surface communications for a host of geoscientific and below ground wireless data links for short and long range based applications, one such area is below noise floor communications for special applications.

From concept to production ingeniqa provide all the necessary design engineering skills and expertise required providing the necessary solutions and support to our customers who are all treated with total confidentiality at all times, and never compromise your IP.  Our local electronics assembly company provides expert prototype to production services 

  Our Main Services:

§  Mixed signal electronic design    

§  RF wireless design & embedded radio systems (SDR)

§  Embedded system design, microprocessor, MCU & DSP

§  High temperature electronic design to +250°C downhole electronics

§  PCB layout design (SMD,TH,SS, Flexi & ML to 16 layers & high temp)

§  Lo-Field MRI system design

§  Compliance design for CE, ATEX   

§  Design to customer specification or needs

Technologies, Tools & Capabilities:

§  ARM µP (all levels), PIC, Xilinx FPGA, TI Multi-core DSP

§  Programming: Assembler, C++, VC, VB, Varilog, VHDL & others

§  Tools: Spice, Tina, MathWorks, FEM & other modelling & simulation

§   Applied Physics, Geophysics, Electromagnetics & Earth Sciences

§  DC to 60 GHz RF design, custom Hybrid Design & Development


  For more information and express your interests in any technology we are currently   
  developing or if you are interested in a custom product design or specific solution:

Contact: +44 (0)20 8144 7764  or email: info@ingeniqa.com
                              Or: +44 (0)1223 969 234

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