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Ingeniqa is a recent start-up (SME) formed by six specialist and experienced design engineers.  We each have a long experience in Embedded Software Systems, Electronic Design and RF engineering design, communications and telemetry, scientific and geoscientific instrumentation design, including low field NMR/MRI systems, and Industrial/downhole High Temperature applications.  

Our backgrounds are from scientific military (including communications), oil and gas energy sector, electronic engineering (instrumentation), industrial and computing technology. We spent the first two years after setup developing products that we are now launching as products, some of them are still in the final development stages and will be ready later in 2017.
Our design capabilities include:
  • Embedded Systems design & programming - Assembler, C/C++, VHDL, etc.
  • RF Wireless Design 3kHz to 40GHz - digital and analog systems
  • Electronic Engineering Design Solutions including SMT & Multi Lyr PCB layout 
  • High Temperature  Electronics Robust to (+210ēC) & (+240ēC special) 
  • Mechanical 2D & 3D Engineering Design (Inventor)
  • Complete concept to manufacture; or anything in between, part or complete product design and consultancy.
Technology Application Areas: 
  • Industrial - & Energy, downhole, pieline, security
  • Scientific - monitoring & instrumentation, agricultural monitoring
  • Medical - iWare, wearable monitoring, portable iOT, wireless
Specialist Technology Development:
  • Bespoke Industrial Instrumentation solutions - Sensors & Bespoke Detection Devices, Particle Detection, Contaminants, Chemicals ...
  • NMR/MRI low field solutions for sub-miniature/portable and wearable
  • Food processing, production line monitoring for contaminants, chemicals, particulates and foreign objects 
  • Downhole NMR systems, Well analysis, Live-flow monitoring
  • Nuclear Magnetic Spin Interference Micro-seismic & Nanoseismic Quantum Sensor Modules for well Completions, Hydraulic Fracture, Reservoir Monitoring, Well flow and live production monitoring.
  • Agricultural systems - monitoring with wireless link from sub-surface or field to farm or remote host station 10 km range license free ism band radio modem. 
See our product development pages for further information.  Our bespoke electronic design services will cut your costs and time to market or solution.  You unfettered have access to the very latest technology without the full research and development costs or the costs of a complete staffed design and development lab. 

Cut your development costs and time to market, call or email us now.

Phone: +44 (0)1223 911 211  Email:  info@ingeniqa.com
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