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Our design team have over 35 years in applied physics, electronics, embedded software, RF design and engineering design.  Our experience and product designs range from bespoke RF Wireless, Low Field NMR/MRI, and embedded single board systems for ism and high temperature downhole systems.

Product range:
  • Low Field MRI for Medical, Agricultural and Downhole systems
  • RF Wireless systems for operation above and below noise floor 
  • Subsurface RF wireless systems for Geoscientific & Agricultural equipment
  • Downhole wireless & optical systems
  • Extreme high temperature electronics
  • Special & bespoke sensor systems
Embedded system cores:

Developing high level systems using embedded FXP & FLP math capability ARM Cortex-A15, Cortex-A9, ARM Cortex-A8, ARM9, dsPIC,  (Xilinx) FPGA and a wide range of other smaller MCU's for less demanding functions IC, DSP cores and embedded wireless RF systems to custom single board computer systems.  
Software development in C++, VB, Visual C, RTOS, Assembler.......

Current developments:
  • Bluetooth low field MRI plaster for specialist remote medical joint monitoring 
  • Wireless MRI soil analysis & moisture system for remote field monitoring
  • MRI potato/root crop monitors with wireless data to remote PC
  • High Temperature downhole MRI for petrochemical and geoscientific analysis 
  • Subsurface noise floor duplex wireless high speed data link 

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For more information and express your interests in any technology we are currently developing or if you are interested in a custom product design or specific solution:

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