ingeniqa design and develop industrial, scientific and medical equipment and provide  
core solutions in these industries.  Agriculture and farming is an area that we have a special interest in and are developing a number of specialist products for animal protection, tacking, hustling and theft detection systems, farm asset protection, crop monitoring and soil analysis permanently deployed in the field systems.  All our products are made in the UK and to very high standards as would be expected.

Our ism technology areas:
  • Electronics & Embedded software and RF design engineering services 
  • Low Field portable MRI systems and sensors for moisture & analysis
  • Wireless medical devices, panic & fall alarms, pill reminder systems
  • BlackBox Systems with remote access over internet or dedicated radio link
  • Electronic Active Long Range RFID (Tags up to 10 km license free bands)
  • Agricultural crop monitoring systems: Wireless Field Deployed Real Time Data

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Please contact us for more information and advice or to discuss your possible application 
without any obligation and in confidence:-

Contact: Andy Taylor direct on +44 (0)1233 969 234  or email:   



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