INGENIQA design and develop industrial, scientific and medical equipment, and providing core solutions to a broad range of application areas in today's ism fields.  From concept to product or just providing the right solution for a bespoke application or client INGENIQA is a total solutions provider in the Industrial Scientific & Medical fields.

Our main fields of product development are:-
  • MRI & NMR based products in Low Field developments for industrial & portable medical
  • NMR industrial analytical devices for lab and specialist areas, chemical fingerprinting
  • MRI for soil science analysis, soil quality, soil moisture & chemical analysis in situ monitoring
  • Agriscience uses for NMR & MRI desktop & other portable in-field use
  • Electronic Noses (e-NOSE) for all areas of industry and medical diagnosis, security and pollution
  • Wireless Radio links for medical and industrial monitoring and networking, license free bands
  • Environmental monitoring solutions including personal air quality monitoring with smartphone app
  • Vehicle monitoring and rout tracking Smart-IQ & Ingeneo-IQ+GPS crash and track with WiFi link
Whatever your need we have a solution and where you have a solution we can provide the equipment.

If we can help you with your current or a future project in any way contact us:

email:  or call us on +44 (0)1223 969 234 


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